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Labnet International – Products of Labnet
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Labnet International Inc is a leading worldwide supplier of laboratory equipment, serving bioresearch worldwide including:

Centrifuges of Labnet International:

– Labnet international mini centrifuges including: prism mini centrifuge, MPS 1000 Mini PCR Plate Spinner, Slide Spinner, Minifuges, Spectrafuge Mini Centrifuge.

– Micro and refrigerated microcentrifuge: Labnet Prism™ R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge, Prism™ Air-Cooled Microcentrifuge, Z233M-2, High Capacity MicroCentrifuge, Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuge, Z216MK High Capacity Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

– Small laboratory centrifuges: Z206A High Capacity, Compact Research Centrifuge, Z100A Clinical Lab Centrifuge

Labnet International Equipment
Labnet International Equipment

Labnet international Liquid handling products

FastPette™ Pro – Ultimate Pipette Controller, BioPette™ Plus Four Pack Starter Kit, Biopette™ A Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes, BioPette™ A Variable Volume Pipette w/ Tip Ejector, Labmax™ Bottle Top Dispensers, FastPette V2 Pipette Controller, BioPette™ A 4 Pack Plus, Electronic Pipette, Labpette™ FX Fixed Volume Pipettes, Labpette™ R Repeating Pipette.

Labnet International shakers, rockers and rotators

– Constant temperature equipment, incubators, ovens and baths
– Electrophoresis and molecular biology equipment
– Lab plastics – plasticware

Labnet Incubator Shaker
Labnet Incubator Shaker

Microplate Technology Products

– Krystal™ Plates
– High Volume Deep Well Microplates and Tube Rack
– Thermal Cycler Plates
– Assay Plates – Black, White and Clear
– Deep Well Microplates – Square Wells
– DyNA Block™ Deep Well Microplates – Round Wells

Plasticware From Labnet

Plasticware is the smart choice for your laboratory needs, and you’ll find great benefits when choosing plastic and disposable materials.

Benefits to plasticware include:
– Shatter Proof Materials
– Recyclable Materials
– Cost Efficient Materials
– Light Materials
– Dependability

Labnet plasticware produces products to correctly match your application needs, and provide a better solution for laboratory environment. Reusable and recyclable plasticware offers durability and dependability, as well as flexibility and strength to stand against laboratory chemicals and repeated use.

Labnet Microtube Boxes

Quality constructed storage products, designed for your equipment and work place.

All about Labnet’s products, please contact: liên hệ

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